Ice Strain [Origins, Benefits, Potency]


On very first reading the name of several strains, there is normally an instant notion of what the strain has in shop. Some strains, like OG Kush or Pineapple Express, let you know what they are going to result in you to knowledge primarily based on reputation alone.

For some strains, although, it is a bit extra confusing.

At times, strains take their name from some physical characteristic of the strain one particular good instance of this is Ice, a strain named for its distinctive and copious white trichomes.

Let’s take a appear at this strain with such a startling look and find out no matter if or not it has something going for it apart from an attractive physical look.

What is the Ice Strain?

Ice is a strain created by Nirvana Seeds, a effectively-reputed grower with a history of popular strains. With surprisingly effectively recognized genetic parents such as Skunk #1, Afghani and Northern Lights, Ice is a strain that is a good instance of a completed, final solution of several years of difficult improvement.

Ice feels like a strain that has reached the pinnacle of its attainable improvement, with an very higher level of THC and an overwhelming quantity of white trichomes to boot.

These white trichomes are what give Ice its name, as the sheer quantity of white trichomes tends to make the bud appear like a compact ball of completely chipped ice — just describing this is not genuinely adequate, as it appears like a mini snowball that has somehow grown on a marijuana plant.

This strain is a fairly regular hybrid blend of 50% sativa and 50% indica, with an exciting series of effects that look to take turns on your physique. At the begin of the higher, you will an quickly knowledge a profound euphoria and intense feeling of power and a inventive burst. It is tricky not to want to quickly get up and begin performing one thing or producing one thing.

Ice is one particular of the ideal strains for attempting to engage socially with these about you, as its intense burst of power encourages you not only to begin creating items, but also to speak and take pleasure in these about you.

This openness and bubbling power commence to alter and shift as the higher goes on, starting to take on the kind of standard indica effects, inducing a enormous relief from any pressure or anxiousness you are feeling. This relief is nearly instantaneous, feeling like a sudden wash of very good feeling a common satisfaction and calm. This feeling is also accompanied by a big boost in hunger, which requires hold pretty speedily and is frequently recognized as the munchies – make positive you retain a lot of snacks on hand!

Ice is an exciting strain in that its effects are very diverse primarily based on the quantity that you imbibe – if you use only a compact quantity at when, you will come across your self getting extremely open, sociable and talkative, far extra so than if you had been to take a big quantity of it.

Nevertheless, in bigger doses, this highly effective strain causes a crescendo of feelings that make it nearly not possible to stay social immediately after a particular point. Although you will begin out feeling amiable and quick to get on with, the intensity of the higher THC content material will commence to kick in immediately after a though, and you will come across your self staring vacantly in the distance, unable to course of action any sort of sophisticated believed.

This overtly narcotic impact tends to make it a good strain to take pleasure in in the evening or when attempting to zone out though watching one thing even so, this also tends to make it not the ideal notion to take through the day, as you will speedily come across your self not genuinely getting a lot of a day left.

How about its flavor and aroma profile? Does its higher trichome count lend it towards any distinct flavors?


Ice is regularly confused with the Ice Cream strain, which has a pretty sweet and quickly recognizable aroma – this generally leads people today to intense surprise when they very first get a whiff of Ice, as it is absolutely diverse.

Like several hybrid strains with Skunk in their genetics, Ice has an overtly petrol smell that is rather like walking into a truck quit fuel depot. It hits you abruptly and powerfully, nearly overwhelming in its aroma. There is essentially an occasional note of delicate sweetness at the back of your throat immediately after you get your very first whiff, specifically immediately after you very first crack open the buds, but the overwhelming aroma is one particular of intense petrol, as effectively as a compact bit of burning wood.

Nevertheless, it does not just quit there the flavor develops even extra than its aroma.


In spite of the reality that Ice has an overtly fuel-like aroma, its flavor is mostly one particular of burning hash. Although the flavor of hash and the smell of fuel are generally viewed as one particular and the exact same, the taste of actual hash is a lot deeper, extra productive and extra nuanced than the simplicity of the aroma of fuel.

On burning this strain, the white trichomes catch very first and burn into this intense, smokey and burning smoke that is pretty like the finest, purest hash you can come across. In reality, Ice is a strain that is regularly produced into hash, so it tends to make sense that it has such a hash-like flavor profile.

Of course, with such a density of trichomes, its look is just as attractive as its flavor and aroma.


The apparent physical characteristic that is quickly noticeable with Ice is its sheer quantity of heavy white trichomes. This white cloud absolutely covers the buds of ice, providing it an nearly cloud-like look and texture. These white trichomes only exist if the bud is effectively cared for and effectively dried, so it is attainable to come across some Ice bud that lacks its signature white coating, although you would by no means want to.

The enormous density of white trichomes offers Ice the look of… effectively, ice it appears like a compact, chipped ball of ice that has been lately rolled in the snow, seeking somehow each dense and delicate at the exact same time.

If you want to make certain that you get Ice that certainly holds on to its white trichomes, the ideal way to do this is to attempt and develop some your self – do you want any specialized know-how or recommendations to attempt and develop Ice your self?

Ice Strain Develop Information

Ice is a reasonably standard strain with regard to specialized expanding know-how you can develop it indoors or outdoors, and it has a surprisingly big temperature variety. You can count on some very higher yields of about 450g per square meter of indoor expanding, with the typical plant height getting about a meter tall.

This tends to make it good to develop indoors or outdoors in a covert expanding op, as its low height tends to make it exceptionally conveniently concealable. You can even additional shorten it by practicing very good topping, which signifies sniping of the pretty best of the new development any time it tries to overshadow the other leaves. This also promotes extra lateral development, which is only a very good issue for the rest of the plant’s cola improvement – extra sunlight to extra leaves signifies even extra usable bud!

Other than that, you can develop Ice even so you like, as it does not have any sort of sophisticated nutritional needs as lengthy as you take very good care of it, you can probably treat it in any way you like.

The only other issue you want to know is that you want to make positive that you effectively dry the final, harvested solution. If you do not dry it in time immediately after you take the colas from the plant, then the white trichomes will not get the likelihood to create effectively and will probably just fall off.

When you have harvested it effectively, what sort of cannabinoid content material can you count on from your final, completed Ice?

THC Content material – Highest Test

Like all strains with a higher trichome content material, Ice is a specifically robust strain, with the highest report getting about 20% total THC.

Nevertheless, on typical the strain is about 18% THC, enabling for a good quantity of THC-like effects, such as a myriad of valuable healthcare rewards. Of course, like all higher THC strains, it is vital not to take as well a lot Ice at when, as it can result in overindulgence and generate psychoactive effects that some customers can come across disorientating, or even frightening.

Make positive you only take what you can deal with!

What about its CBD content material, even so?

CBD Content material – Highest Test

As is nearly strategies the case, Ice has pretty small CBD content material to speak of. This is mainly because of the concentrate on THC in the strain’s originality numerous plant generations that have been meticulously chosen by growers to include as a lot THC as attainable has meant that there just is not a lot of area obtainable for CBD.

This is not to say there are not some valuable healthcare rewards of course, as the higher THC content material of this strain tends to make it good for assisting increase the lives of people today suffering from all manner of diverse circumstances.

Healthcare Positive aspects of the Ice Strain

By far the most widespread healthcare use of the Ice strain is in treating depression. By getting capable to smoke Ice on your personal or with pals and really feel completely, absolutely relaxed and in tune with your self, you can steer clear of the adverse thoughts and continuous mental complications of getting depression.

Although it is not a remedy, Ice is capable to enable numerous people today contend with their mental ailments like depression, as effectively as anxiousness, by enabling them to quit focusing on their adverse thoughts. The principal cause for this is Ice’s potent blend of cannabinoids with a big concentrate on THC, encouraging the brain to release useful, mood-lifting neurochemicals that encourage optimistic thoughts and satisfied moods.

This is the exact same cause why Ice is superb at combating discomfort, as it is capable to enable suppress the discomfort response in the physique by means of its higher THC content material. There is also an element of the munchies in this strain, capable to enable encourage you to consume extra meals and overcome a loss of appetite arising from other healthcare treatment options or consuming issues.

Of course, there are also usually going to be a couple of side effects that you want to endure if you want to take pleasure in all the rewards of the Ice strain, so let’s take a appear at the couple of most probably symptoms.

Probable Side Effects of the Ice Strain

By far the most frequently reported challenge linked with the Ice strain is a sudden onset of dizziness – this ordinarily happens mainly because people today who are working with Ice for the very first time pretty abruptly intake a big quantity of it at when.

As Ice is a robust strain with a higher THC content material thanks to its white trichomes, you do not want as a lot as you consider you do – this causes a sudden onset of dizziness that can make it really feel like you are about to fall more than.

If this takes place to you, make positive to come across a seat and just loosen up for a small though, as it will quickly pass. Even far better, make positive you do not take as well a lot Ice to commence with, and you will almost certainly be fine.

There is also a pretty higher likelihood you will knowledge dry mouth and dry eyes, as is nearly usually the case with any marijuana strain with a higher THC content material, so just retain a glass of water on hand to make positive you can deal with it if it begins to crop up.

Other than that, there are couple of negatives to working with Ice, as lengthy as you use it responsibly and do not overdo it.

Final Thoughts on the Ice Strain

Ice is a strain that is as attractive to appear at as it is enjoyable to smoke. The dense, pungent white trichomes give this strain its popular look, though also carrying with it a good deal of highly effective THC that tends to make its effects so speedily noticeable and recognizable.

Although it has a reasonably standard petrol aroma, this strain also has an exciting flavor profile that really should not be missed – make positive that, when you do get your hands on some Ice, that you do not overdo it and danger creating a headache or dizziness.

As lengthy as you take the appropriate quantity, you are assured to have a relaxing, enjoyable time with Ice, no matter if you take it alone or with pals.

Just make positive you do not take any through the day otherwise, you probably will not get something else completed till the sun subsequent comes up.


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