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Tright here are 19 nations about the planet that have bans on alcohol at either the national or regional level. In virtually each and every other nation, alcohol has a comparatively normalized manifestation. It can be paired with meals, consumed at social events, and there’s usually a specific portion of the population that will abuse it. Although each and every nation has its personal exceptional stance on its consumption, there are comparatively couple of locations that you could travel to exactly where the locals would appear down on you for drinking alcohol.

On the contrary, cannabis is not a drug that has been grandfathered-in to several societies. Although there are specific locations exactly where marijuana consumption is a lot more acceptable, a vast majority of the nations on Earth continue to criminalize it. Subsequently, the populations of these nations have damaging views of cannabis consumption. Let’s take a appear at how distinctive locations and persons method the consumption of cannabis, and what the future may hold for the planet of cannabis on an international level.

Unique Nations, Unique Views, Unique Laws

Under, you will come across some of the most exciting and relevant nations to contemplate in terms of their cannabis laws.


When Canada federally legalized cannabis in 2018, the planet changed forever. Of course, they weren’t the initial nation in the planet to legalize recreational cannabis (a lot more on that later), but they had been the initial key, Western nation to do so.


Canada’s newly legal market place is nevertheless establishing, but anticipated to thrive more than time. photo credit

Cannabis consumption, ostensibly, is not a major deal in Canada. Some persons may frown on persons smoking a joint in public, other people will stroll by with no batting an eye. In some locations it is even legal to consume cannabis anyplace tobacco consumption is permitted. Of course, locations like Vancouver will have a a lot more liberal stance than other locations, but as a entire, the nation appears to view cannabis consumption as significantly less unsafe than alcohol.

United States

The United States is an exciting location since of its broad variety of views. A single state will have complete legalization and a neighboring state will have a total ban. Substantially like Vancouver, cities like Denver and Boulder view cannabis consumption differently than persons in a lot more rural components Colorado like the eastern plains. Even so, Americans are quickly getting educated about the plethora of medicinal rewards that can be identified in cannabis. Not to mention, the states with cannabis income are creating criminalized states really feel left behind.


A tiny South American nation that may not have heard of, Uruguay was the initial nation in the planet to entirely legalize cannabis. Although their program set a comparatively low bar — the market place is far significantly less dynamic than Canada’s — they did adjust the discussion in the Southern Hemisphere about what is acceptable. For a continent that is seasoned endless bloodshed as a outcome of the War on Drugs, Uruguay genuinely took a bold move in altering the conversation about cannabis.


Cannabis is not illegal in Spain, but you can nevertheless be fined for smoking it on the street. It is not legal in Spain, either, but the police cannot cease you from increasing a couple of plants. Nor can they prohibit you from joining a cannabis collective. In Spain, their referred to as ‘social clubs.’ They’re exclusive establishments not open to the public and enable members to pool their sources to develop cannabis. On the inside, some appear like videogame heaven though other people appear like coffee shops. Members are permitted to obtain their share of the cannabis crop in the club and even consume it there if they want.

Barcelona Cannabis Club

Spain’s cannabis consumption tolerance is fairly lenient for residents.

Spain is exciting since cannabis consumption (as a implies of controlling one’s consciousness) is protected in its constitution. Individual use and social clubs are broadly accepted. In truth, it is not uncommon to smell an individual consuming cannabis in the middle of Barcelona. They may be walking the down street, sitting on the beach, or they could be perched on a balcony above your head.

The Netherlands

If you are not familiar with the cannabis atmosphere in Amsterdam, just picture a stroll-in coffee shop exactly where you can also acquire and consume cannabis. There are thousands of shops like this across the Netherlands.


Thailand is the only Southeast Asian nation to legalize healthcare cannabis. That does not imply you need to rush there to attempt their provide. Acquiring caught with cannabis in Thailand can lead to thousands of dollars in fines and even time behind bars. In addition to, most of the cannabis there is brickweed. Although it is feasible to come across greater cannabis, it is far a lot more typical to get handed a tough block of marijuana. It tastes poor, smells poor, and could be contaminated with mold — Thailand is a really wet nation.


India is a further exciting Asian nation to contemplate. In some locations, you will readily come across Hindi persons (and vacationers) consuming cannabis out in the open. In other components of the nation, you will only be met with police who do not take kindly to the use of marijuana.

The Major International Cannabis Events to Attend

If you are hunting to get involved in some international cannabis discussions, there are a couple of cannabis events that stand out. Even if you cannot make it to the larger events when traveling abroad, there’s commonly a cannabis occasion taking place someplace in most pro-cannabis locations. So, spark up a conversation with a regional about how to get involved – experiencing a further country’s cannabis celebrations can be an unforgettable memory!

International Cannabis Small business Conference

The ICBC tends to make stops all more than the planet like cities like Barcelona, Zurich, and San Francisco. The events can take 1 or various days and offer you insightful panels and discussions, exposition halls, and the likelihood to connect with business specialists from about the planet.

Spannabis (Spain)


Spannabis is increasing to be a major international cannabis occasion. photo credit

Spannabis is a lengthy-operating occasion in Barcelona, Spain that is now connected with ICBC Barcelona. It is a enormous, multi-day cannabis occasion exactly where attendees can socialize, interact with the major cannabis enterprises from about the planet, and possibly leave with a pocket complete of seeds.

ExpoCannaBiz (Colombia)

The ExpoCannaBiz tends to make the list not only since of the higher-profile speakers and panels, but also since of the significance of a cannabis expo taking place in this nation. Try to remember that Colombia has a dark history as a outcome of the War on Drugs.

The Hidden Hippie Trails All through the Globe

Regardless of the quantity of great cannabis destinations and the wonderful expos and conferences all through the planet, there are nevertheless some hidden hippie trails that you may contemplate wandering. Even so, keep in mind that these hippie trails are significantly less traveled since they are infinitely a lot more unsafe, and you could finish up behind bars in a foreign nation if you choose to peruse them.

For instance, wild cannabis grows freely in locations like Dali, China. The surrounding regions, like locations like Kunming, are typical hippie destinations. Even so, do you want to get place in a Chinese prison?

If you come across your self south of the Mediterranean Sea, you may be in a position to come across some of the finest hash in the planet in Morocco. It is all handmade and the area is believed to be the residence of hashish culture. Just keep in mind to be cautious if you choose to take a significantly less traveled hippie trail. If you want to remain protected, remain on the path by means of locations like Barcelona and Amsterdam. Delighted travels!

Considering that the international landscape is altering so quickly, you may have concerns about what’s going on in the worldwide cannabis business. If you have any concerns, really feel no cost to attain out in the comments under!

Photo Credit: Vladislav Klapin (license)


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