Debunking five Cannabis Stock Pictures


Organizations and media outlets typically turn to stock photography collections when attempting to populate a piece of cannabis-connected content material with an image. A higher good quality, professionally created photograph can be a amazing way to add to a piece of written content material to aid drive a narrative or fill out the particulars of a story.

Nevertheless, lots of of these photos are misleading, and as a outcome of their widespread use misconceptions of cannabis are perpetuated and spread to readers. It is essential to present the appropriate image and details of cannabis, particularly for the reason that there are nevertheless so lots of queries about it and its lots of rewards.

Right here are a couple of prevalent cannabis stock photos that need to have a bit of debunking.

The Cannabis Bouquet


In theory, the thought of applying freshly harvested cannabis flowers neatly bundled into a bouquet sounds entertaining. Contemplating the rise in recognition of cannabis friendly (even cannabis-themed) weddings, it would make sense that alternatively of flowers, the bride would toss a bundle of colas into a crowd of eager hopefuls. Sadly, the reality of this situation would be a bit, properly, sticky.

As opposed to a classical floral arrangement that would be utilized in a conventional bouquet, ripe and prepared-to-harvest cannabis flowers are dripping with sticky, resinous trichomes. These small milky gland heads cover the surface of each flowers and sugar leaves. Thousands upon thousands of miniature capsules of sticky resin are waiting to explode upon even the slightest speak to. With every trichome comes a mix of wealthy and pungent aromas along with a sticky residue that can be compared to a mild tree sap.

You do not want this on your fancy wedding attire. Cannabis requires sticky and aromatic to a complete new level. Though the smell of cannabis is incredible, obtaining it on your wedding clothing for the rest of the day could not be best and washing off resin is not simple.

Stick with genuine flowers in the bouquet.

Handheld Pot


If you form in cannabis or marijuana into a stock photography search engine, probabilities are you will obtain this form of photos much more than any other. It is the classic, handheld pot shot, with an individual standing out in nature holding a tiny ball of soil with a young cannabis seedling sprouting out.

As well-known as this stock photograph could be, it is extremely misleading. All of the hope and aspiration gained from seeking at this young plant will rapidly diminish as soon as you recognize that death will quickly greet this poor mishandled seedling.

At this stage in its improvement, the rootball of that cannabis plant is particularly sensitive and as it sits loosely in the palm of somebody’s hands, it dangers a myriad of difficulties, from contamination to root harm. Transplanting cannabis seedlings is a difficult job that demands care and appropriate sanitation. Even in the worst situation, no one who legitimately cares about the livelihood of a young plant will deal with a plant in this style.

Fan Leaf Garnish

(Stefan Tomic/iStock)

This stock photograph desires to send the message that cooking with cannabis can be aesthetically pleasing. Even though this is completely accurate and applying fan leaves as a garnish is in no way a undesirable move, adding the plant material straight into a dish will not function as properly as this photograph tends to make it look.

Fan leaves are coarse, they have a mealy texture to them, and they taste like grass clippings. They are not aromatic in the very same way that buds are and they can not replace herbs as an ingredient in a dish.

Additionally, adding a fan leaf into a dish will not make it psychoactive in any way. Cooking with cannabis demands that buds be decarboxylated in order to activate the plant’s THC. Undertaking so demands adding sustained heat, which would successfully destroy a fan leaf.

Once more, fan leaves could make a fairly garnish, but attempt applying an oil, cannabutter, or at least decarboxylated flower if you are going to incorporate cannabis into your dish.

Dripping With Oil

(Yana Tatevosian/iStock)

Cannabis concentrates are typically misunderstood. Stock photography such as this image of an oil tincture becoming showcased subsequent to a vegetative cannabis plant does not aid to clear any of this confusion.

Contrary to what an image of this nature (there are lots of offered) could portray, the procedure of extracting the oils from a cannabis plant is challenging and demands a specific level of knowledge.

Extracts created with solvents like butane, propane, and CO2 need to have to be completed in a lab by pros and are regulated by the state. Solventless extracts can be created at property, but the procedure is a small much more difficult than photos like these lead on. You undoubtedly can not stroll up to a young cannabis plant and count on it to be dripping with golden oil.

Not a Appropriate Pot


Cannabis stock photography tends to take a lot of inventive liberties with container possibilities, typically at the detriment of accuracy. This image of a cannabis branch sitting in a decorative vase is a excellent instance. Cannabis is an aesthetic plant, accurate, but that becoming mentioned, cutting down a plant anytime just before its buds are prepared for harvesting and placing them in a vase is not best for the plant itself or the decorator.

Granted, obtaining these cutting sit in water for a week or so is not going to be a death sentence for the plant, but these flowers died the second they had been reduce down and they will not final lengthy in this situation just before wilting. Like other flowers, these cuttings will sooner or later deteriorate fully due to not becoming in a appropriate atmosphere for improvement.


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