Mother whose son brought marijuana candy to college should pass out apology letters


CLEVELAND–A mother whose son brought marijuana-laced gummy bears to his elementary college was ordered to make a public apology as aspect of her punishment.

Shari Gould, 27, will be expected to pass out apology letters to students and parents at Anton Grdina in Cleveland on the final day of college.

In February, nine students have been taken to the hospital following complaining of upset stomachs.

Police and college leaders stated Gould’s son, who believed the pot-laced gummies have been candy, passed them out to his classmates.

Cleveland Municipal Judge Pinkey Carr stated,  “It’s not truly important to punish her, but I have to have her to find out. I have to have her to accept duty. I have to have her to sort of, you know, set, you know, sort of place into motion for other…


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