How to Season a Titanium Nail


Just purchased your very first vapor dab rig and want to know the very best way to use and take care of it? Right here we’ll show you a handful of strategies so you know how to season a titanium nail.

What is a Titanium Nail?

A titanium nail is that aspect of your vape or vapor rig that heats the oil or concentrate that you dab onto it.

Why Need to You Season Your Titanium Nail?

The very first time you use your rig, the titanium nail has never ever been employed ahead of to heat a dab. This suggests it is completely brand new, and may perhaps have some more components on it that had been employed to make it shiny and prepare it for show. If you do not season your titanium nail, a metallic or chemical taste may well make it onto the oil. This does not make for the very best very first knowledge of your dab rig.

How to Season a Titanium Nail

There are really a handful of strategies to do this. Right here we’ll appear at two of the simplest and possibly the most well-liked.

How to season a titanium nail: Choice 1

What you want: Your rig, a butane torch, a titanium dabber, dabbing oil

Connect your titanium nail to your rig. This is partly so you can verify the match ahead of seasoning the nail and not becoming in a position to return it!  Heat the titanium cautiously and evenly with the butane torch till you see it start to turn red-hot, shown by a deepening orange colour. Place down the torch, then coat your titanium nail with oil exactly where you want to season it. Give it a bit of time to cool, then dab the oil onto it once more, three to five instances a lot more. With that, your nail is seasoned for use.

If you are not arranging to use your rig proper away, very first disconnect your titanium nail. Location it in a bowl, and fill the bowl with alcohol so that it covers the nail. Then just get rid of the nail and leave it someplace to dry on its personal.

How to season a titanium nail: Choice two

What you want: A deep bowl-shaped container you are not afraid to spot close to fire, cold water, ice, pliers, a butane torch

Initially, verify the match of your titanium nail to the vapor rig. If that is fine, you can move on to the subsequent step.

Fill the bowl with the cold water, then add the ice cubes you have. Place this aside, but close to adequate so you do not want to move to attain it. With the pliers, hold the bottom of your titanium nail. With the butane torch, heat the entire nail till it is entirely red (this requires about 60 seconds). Turn off the torch and plunge the nail into the cold ice water and swirl it by way of, letting any chemical compounds or residue rinse away. Shake the nail more than the bowl, then heat it once more. You really should be in a position to heat and dunk the nail in the bowl a total of three instances. Retain ice close to you so you can add if required to maintain the water cold.

Clean and dry the nail with alcohol option, and you are all set!

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