27 Websites That Will Teach You About Growing Cannabis


Successfully growing cannabis for the first time is an awesome achievement but for first time growers it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve compiled this list of cannabis websites to help beginners find advice and more experienced growers hone their skills. The list is divided into 3 sections – websites focused on growing, weed forums and general blogs that have sections or articles about growing weed. Each section is listed alphabetically. 

If you think we’ve missed any quality resources please let us know!

Table of Contents

Growing focused websites
Blogs & online stores

Websites focused on growing cannabis

These websites are a good place to start because they’re more dedicated to the art and science of growing weed.

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Grow Cannabis looks like it was put up the day the internet was born, but despite the simple appearance there’s useful information here. Everything is categorized logically to make it easy to find what you need. The weed nutrient deficiency table and the troubleshooting guide are nice additions.

Note that the weedfarmer.com grow guides are an exact copy of this site.

Grow marijuana

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Grow Marijuana do strain reviews but they also have a section on growing that covers all kinds of beginner related topics. Some of the articles are more in-depth than others but there’s good stuff to be found. The article on male vs female plants is a good example of the kind of content they produce. Everything is organised by subject to make it easy to find what your interested in.

Grow weed easy

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Grow Weed Easy is a hugely popular site that covers every aspect of growing weed you can imagine and will appeal to growers of all experience levels. The best way to find what you’re interested in is to go to the sitemap page where everything is laid out in a logical way. They also have a forum section and while it doesn’t have as many members as some dedicated forum sites the discussions are interesting and high quality.

How to grow marijuana

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How to Grow Marijuana cover a lot of product and seed reviews but they also have plenty of content on growing cannabis organized around growing indoors and outdoors. The guerrilla growing guide was a particularly enjoyable read. They also have a forum section and while it’s not as big as some other forum sites there’s some good discussions on a wide variety of topics.

I love growing marijuana

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I Love Growing Marijuana is a seed shop, forum and blog run by Robert Bergman, author of the Grow Bible. He’s written a huge amount of excellent content on growing for all levels and it’s nicely organized into categories such as grow guides, indoor and outdoor guides and plant care.

weeds that please

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Weeds that Please is a retro looking site that would be easy to pass over but there’s some solid content to be found here. Their articles on cloning female plants and germinating seeds are good examples of what to expect.

Cannabis training university

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The cannabis training university is an online school that offer courses designed to help you get a job in the marijuana industry. They offer a ‘Master of Marijuana’ certificate that covers growing, trimming and bud tending as well as many other subjects including cooking, medical marijuana and marijuana law. We’ve never done any of these courses so we can’t speak for the quality of the education but if you’re serious about getting into the cannabis industry professionally then maybe this will work for you.

There are a bunch of other schools that offer similar programs such as THC University, Clover Leaf University and Oaksterdam University which actually has a physical campus.

Cannabis Forums

Forums are filled with experts happy to share their knowledge. They can seem overwhelming at first but they’re generally sorted into logical sub forums that deal with a particular topic to make finding information easier.

420 Magazine

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420 Magazine has been around since 1993. The forums are where you’ll find lots useful information on growing and their how to grow marijuana section is a great place to start. The forum topics are all logically arranged into sections such as outdoor growing, watering, soil vs hydro, cloning and harvesting.

Cannabis culture

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Cannabis culture has been around since the early 1990’s and first existed as a print magazine. The grow section of the website has some good info but it’s quite general and it can be difficult to track down posts specific to growing cannabis. However, they also have active forums where you’ll find lots of great discussions. The new growers primer is a good place to start if you’re a beginner looking to do your first grow.

Grass city forums

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Grass City is a popular Headshop and blog but they also have forums that are great if you’re looking to learn about growing cannabis. Within the Marijuana Cultivation forum there are threads for absolute beginners, indoor growing, outdoor growing, organic growing and advanced techniques to name just a few.


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International Cannagraphic Magazine have been around for years and have a huge forum. For advice on growing, check out the marijuana growing section where you’ll find threads on all kinds of topics including threads for new growers and advanced growing science.

Marijuna growing

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Marijuana Growing is a popular weed forum presented by Jorge Cervantes (George Van Patten), a horticulturist and weed growing expert who’s written many respected books on growing cannabis. Unfortunately the newbie forum has a lot of off topic posts but you can always search to hone in on what you need. There’s even a thread where you can ask Jorge questions directly and if he doesn’t reply (it would be impossible for him to reply to everything), another knowledgeable grower will.

marijuana forums

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Marijuana.com has been around since the mid 90’s and is now managed by Weedmaps. As well as having the most sought after domain name in the cannabis industry they also have a really good forum that covers all kinds of topics. Searching around in the growing section will no doubt get you any info you’re looking for.


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Reddit is a great place to find experts on pretty much any topic and growing cannabis is no exception. There are obviously lots of subreddits that cover all aspects of cannabis news and culture but this is the best one for cultivation. There are some extremely knowledgeable expert growers here that will help you with whatever advice you need. The best way to find specific info is to use search and you can choose to limit the search to the r/cannabiscultivation subreddit.


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The rollitup forums cover cannabis news and culture but they are mainly in the business of helping growers. There are sections specifically for newbies as well as advanced growers and all the topics are arranged logically to help you find the right information. The 101 already asked questions in the newbie forum is excellent and provides direct links to many common topics.

thc farmer

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THC farmer is an online seed bank but they also have a forum. It doesn’t have as many members as the bigger ones but there are some very knowledgeable growers on here who write super detailed posts. The forum topics are well thought out and logical and like all forums the best way to find specific information is to use the search functionality.

thc talk

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Another active and very useful forum, THC talk covers everything related to the world of weed. All the forums stay on topic and the general growers forum has interesting topics like breeding, cannabis research and a nice infirmary section dedicated to helping growers diagnose diseases and plant issues.

General Blogs & Online Stores

These sites are all great but if you’re specifically interested in learning how to grow weed they probably add the least value because they’re focused on a wider range of topics or on eCommerce. However, many of them have good sections on growing where you can find useful information.

Cannabis now

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Cannabis Now is both a bi-monthly print publication and a website. They focus a lot on industry news and culture but they also have a cannabis cultivation section that contains some good content on growing cannabis. Because they’re more a traditional blog it’s harder to find posts on specific subjects but the search functionality works pretty well and they use some useful tags like how to grow marijuana.

Dutch Passion

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The Dutch Passion Seed Company is a an online seed bank based in the Netherlands, but they also have a grow info section on the website. The information here isn’t super detailed but covers the high level basics such as growing indoors, growing outdoors and how to germinate seeds.

Green rush daily

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Green Rush Daily is a massive blog that focus on culture and news but their cultivation section has some good posts on growing weed. There’s no in-depth guides that we could find but lots of smaller articles that cover all kinds of interesting subjects. And some weird ones like how to grow weed out of a toilet bowl.


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Herb has some high quality content in their cultivation section. If you’re looking for information on a particular topic, the best bet is to use their search function. The articles are also generally shorter but they produce a lot of entertaining and informative content.

High times

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High Times is one of the most famous weed publications and has been around since 1974. They cover all aspects of marijuana news and culture and they also have a grow category that contains a huge amount of content. As with most of these general weed blogs you won’t find in-depth guides but if you search around there’s lots of smaller nuggets on specific topics.


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Leafly is a big (and ridiculously profitable) site that focuses on strain reviews and dispensaries. They also have a cannabis 101 section on the site that has heaps of articles for beginners on many topics, including growing. Unfortunately there’s no tags or categories specific to growing but once again if you use search you’ll find some articles worth reading.

medical jane

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As the name suggests, Medical Jane focus on information and resources for patients and care givers who use medical cannabis. They also have a growing advice section with lots of shorter articles that are well written and informative.

Royal Queen Seeds

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Royal Queen Seeds is a popular European seed bank and the growing cannabis section of their blog has some really well written content. The only issue we had is that the search functionality seems to favor products rather than articles (understandable as they are an online store) so finding specific information is a bit harder.


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Seedsman is another online seed bank and the cultivation section of their blog has some good articles on growing cannabis. None of the posts go particularly in-depth but the amount of content means you’ll certainly learn something interesting if you search around.

the cannabist

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The Cannabis is a popular blog that covers all aspects weed news and culture. Their cultivation section is small but many of the articles have been written by Jorge Cervantes so it’s worth checking out. This awesome image alone is worth a look.

the weed blog

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The weed blog has a twitter feed vibe and they have a good growing section that’s updated fairly frequently. Robert Bergman is a frequent contributor.

Why should I be interested in growing cannabis at home?

If you’re reading this then you hopefully don’t need too much convincing but just in case, here are 8 reasons we think you should have a crack at growing cannabis.

  1. Growing cannabis is a fun and rewarding hobby and you’ll learn a lot.
  2. You can have a never-ending supply of quality weed!
  3. If you keep things simple (like a single plant in a pot outdoors) it can be very inexpensive.
  4. For those with bigger budgets there are endless cool options and gadgets to explore – lighting, hydroponics, grow tents and every other aspect of weed growing you can imagine.
  5. You can pick a strain that will produce weed with exactly the strength, flavor and type of high you like.
  6. Because you’re not buying weed, you’re saving money!
  7. You know exactly what fertilizers and nutrients went into your weed and you can keep it as natural or organic as you wish.
  8. Understanding how to grow weed could lead to potential business opportunities and future careers in the booming marijuana industry.


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