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November 21, 2018

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January 31, 2019

The best hash oil vape cartridge this year include new brands making a name for themselves. There has also been a surge of already established cannabis oil cartridge brands enhancing their vape cartridges and potency. We tried out more than 30 of the most popular prefilled THC oil vape cartridges this year. Get insight on which cartridges hit the best and which have the strongest hash oil inside of them.
What makes a prefilled THC oil cartridge great?

Its critical that the prefilled cartridge can adequately vape the hash oil. A good THC oil can be wasted with a bad vape cartridge. We learned a lot after trying out many new different types of oil cartridges this year. Some vaping brands got it right with their improvements this year, and that’s allowed them to make it onto this top 10 best THC oil cartridges in 2018 list. Let us know about your favorite THC cartridge in the comments below.

10. FlavRx Has The Best Tasting Sativa THC Oil.

Their hash oil is quite potent but with a premium cost. We go into more details about this vape in our Flavrx cartridge review. It made the top 10 list because of its new disposable joints. These are the best disposable vape pens on the market It cost $30 and provides a convenience that’s worth the cost if you need a good disposable joint. This may not be our main go to hash oil pen, but its one to come back to when there’s a need for a change.

Those new to vaping THC oil and don’t have a high tolerance will benefit the most from Flavrx Sativa strains. If you must try one of their Indica strains we don’t suggest trying the Grand Daddy Purple because it was not pleasant. These disposable joints save you time from having to roll up cannabis, and they are extremely compact. The stoner today now thanks to these new e-cigarette type hash oil vape pens don’t need to know how to roll a joint.

  • Website:
  • Weedmaps rating: 3.5/5 out of 625 reviews.
  • Instagram and followers : Not any
  • Prices: $45 for $250mg (includes retractable vape pen battery). $30 for 300mg disposable joint, and $60 for a full gram.

9. Brass Knuckles Vape Cartridges Used To Be One Of The Best.

Many problems with counterfeiting and failed test results with pesticides has hurt its public image. A frequent question on their Instagram page is about pesticides and fake Brass Knuckles vape cartridges. To battle the counterfeit problem, Brass Knuckles has implemented a new sticker and serial number onto their packaging. Unfortunately, another issue was the inconsistency with their potency levels. We wrote a more in-depth article about Brass Knuckles pesticides here.

Recently, Brass Knuckles has removed the link that used to be on their menu to their lab test results. I was able to quickly find it with an easy google search. The last time they had a lab test for their THC oil cartridges was in May 2018. They switched labs this year from to Brass knuckles vape cartridges is also a part of lawsuit right now about their pesticides issue.

  • Official website:
  • Weedmaps rating: 3.5/5 out of 625 reviews.
  • Instagram and followers (80.1k) :
  • Price: $55 a gram on average.

8. Americanna Vape Cartridges Are Strong

Americanna has made some improvements to their hash oil and prefilled vape cartridges. They also have lab test available on their website. The lab test results show clean THC oil with a high cannabinoid count, its distillate has up to 85% THC. They also have their hash oil for sale in a syringe for $46 a gram. An Americanna cartridge cost the typical $60 for a gram and half that for half gram.

They have an affordable hash oil option without any sacrifice to quality. In fact, it’s the same distillate oil sold in their vape cartridges for less. Buying Americanna THC oil inside of a syringe instead of a cartridge will cost only $46 for a full gram. Refilling an empty vape cartridge with the syringe is easy because it comes with a blunt tip needle. Simply insert into an empty vape cartridge and refill it and save money!

  • Official website:
  • Weedmaps rating: Brand is not on
  • Instagram and followers (3k) :
  • Price: 1 gram is $60

7. Honey Vapes Has The Best THC Oil Flavors

Honey vape established themselves as a California cannabis company 5 years ago in 2013. Since then, they have introduced 15 different strains for their oil cartridge selection. They offer many popular cannabis strains for their prefilled cartridges that others don’t. Each vape cartridge has outstanding flavor when vaped. The average potency of these cartridges ranges from 70-80% THC, each packaging has a label on it that identifies the potency.

The only reason why this oil cartridge didn’t get ranked high in our best prefilled vape cartridges in 2018 list is because of its high average price. The cost for a half gram can average $35-45 before the cannabis or state tax in California. This is a pricey cost that’s worth it if you want your favorite strain with amazing flavor. We can recommend this for a special occasion or during vacation.

  • Official website:
  • Weedmaps rating: 4.0/5 from 337 reviews.
  • Instagram and followers (20k) :
  • Price: $70 for a 1 gram vape cartridge.

6. Heavy Hitters Vape Cartridges Are Great But

Next up on list of the best THC cartridges in 2018 goes to Heavy Hitters vape. Heavy Hitters is true to their name with a hash oil that will give an intense high quickly. The only reason why we didn’t rank this California oil cartridge higher was because of too many failed lab test results showing up online. There has now been multiple lab test done from different strains showing their THC oil isn’t clean. We are hoping they clean up their hash oil with the new mandatory lab testing laws in California implemented this year.

  • Official website:
  • Weedmaps rating: 4.0/5 from 337 reviews.
  • Instagram and followers (82k):
  • Price: $60 for a 1 gram prefilled cartridge.

5. Stiiizy Vape Pen Hits Great But Oil Strength Has Weaken

The Stiiizy pen changed the game in 2018 with their new pod system. They also made an impact on people with their highly potent THC oil. This new compact vape pen made it easier to discreetly get a similar feeling to a dab. The Stiiizy vape pen quickly replaced the dab rig for many because of its convivences it provided. People also started refilling their pods with their own vape oil including PURE vape as the most popular choice.

The new pod cartridge from Stiiizy has a heating device that is made from cotton and ceramic. This combination introduced a better way to vape distillate oil compared to the previously popular 510 thread cartridges. Stiiizy has been ranked number one on other best prefilled THC oil cartridge list in 2018 online. The reason why we couldn’t rank them first place is because of lab test online showing their THC oil contaminated. The Instagram user datdude41510 shared a lab test online of Stiiizy lab test results showing benzene detected.

Also, from personally vaping this vape cartridge when it first released last year, I noticed a change of strength and color from their THC oil. The color went from an almost clear water to yellow for their distillate oil. The flavoring is also not always consistent too. They also had some problems with their one-gram cartridges leaking which lead them to make changes to it. Lastly, their half gram pods do not fill up with a full gram of distillate oil, a user on reddit reported the max refill capacity is actually about 375ml.

  • Website:
  • Weedmaps rating: 3.9/5 from 913 reviews.
  • Instagram and followers: Official Instagram page was removed.
  • $60 for a one gram cartridge.

4. Rove Cartridges Have The Best THC Vape Oil Flavor

Rove cartridges released some new strains this year with a new upgraded vape cartridge. The normal strains for Rove did not change their prefilled vape cartridges. These are some of the best tasting cannabis oil cartridges for sale. Their extraction technique is CO2 and the potency rivals distillate. We recommend this vape cart for those who enjoy flavors from natural terpenes.

The average price for a half gram Rove cartridge is $30, while a full gram average cost is $60. Rove vape cartridges have a nice overall rating on too. They’re rating is a 4.6/5 from out of 680 reviews. Vaping flavor is the best feature from the Rove cartridges. This THC oil is comparable to Brass Knuckles vape, however, they don’t have a Brass Knuckles pesticides or counterfeit problem. One common complaint among the few negative reviews is that the Rove vape cartridge have a clogging issue.

  • Website:
  • Weedmaps rating: 4.6/5 from 680 reviews.
  • Instagram and followers (31.1k) :
  • $60 for a one gram cartridge.

3. Cobra Extracts Cartridge Wins Cannabis Cup In SoCal 2018

Cobra extracts has created the smoothest hitting CO2 extracted THC oil for sale in 2018. The potency is out of this world for CO2 cannabis oil. The THC percentage on one of their strains is 88%. This prefilled vape cartridge won first place from Cannabis cup this year in Socal. We gave this third place on our list of the best oil cartridge in 2018 because of a couple of reasons. The design of its vape cartridge is very efficient, however, Plug and Play allows for bigger dosages which feels like higher dosages. Also, the weight of THC oil in the cobra extract cartridges are less than a half gram for sale.

Their reviews don’t have very much with only 21 ratings. The overall rating is 4.2/5 but deserves to be higher. Once all the CO2 extract oil has been vaped, the cartridge can be refilled multiple times. I managed to refill these cartridges with distillate oil 3 times before having problems with them. Nonetheless, the Cobra extract brand has made it onto our list of the top 3 prefilled vape cartridges in 2018.

  • Website:
  • Weedmaps rating: 4.2/5 from 21 reviews.
  • Instagram and followers (15.2k) :
  • Price: $60 for one almost a full gram.

2. PURE Vape THC Oil Cartridge Is Potent And Affordable

PURE vape has introduced a tasty and very potent THC oil for sale. They use a ceramic heating vape cartridge that is extremely efficient at vaping. PURE vape has the best THC oil for sale at the lowest price if you buy their prefilled syringe. Its easy to refill a empty vape cartridge and does not waste any of the distillate oil. The price for a one gram of their THC distillate oil in a syringe cost $46.00 without including the cannabis tax. Ive managed to get deals on this potent THC oil with the purchase of 2 for $80 total with the cannabis tax included.

PURE vape has an outstanding overall rating on weedmaps with a 4.8/5 from 381 reviews. The quality of its hash oil has allowed it to shine with positive reviews. There are also many PURE vape cartridge reviews online praising its potency and price. This cannabis oil has some of the best flavors because of natural terpenes used. We highly recommend buying an empty vape cartridge and refilling it with their THC oil for the best savings.

  • Website:
  • Weedmaps rating: 4.8/5 from 381 reviews.
  • Instagram and followers (15.6k followers):
  • Price: $60 a gram and $46 for their THC oil inside a syringe.

1. Plug and Play Vape Is The Best THC Cartridge In 2018

Plug and Play Vape cartridge has proven themselves with clean THC oil and the hardest hitting prefilled vape pod. People on online praise it for its closest to a dab like experience. The pods are also easy to refill with other hash oil too. All of these features make this the absolute best prefilled vape cartridge in 2018. The battery life is another impressive feature lasting multiple days of heavy use before requiring a charge.

This THC oil pod cartridge is only available in California and began in Los Angeles.
The THC oil inside of these pods from Plug and Play vape are extremely potent. They also have been independently lab tested by a popular Instagram user who’s known for exposing dirty vape cartridges for sale. Lab test cost upwards of $700 depending on the type, datdude41510 pays out of his pocket for these test. At the moment there is no lab test results of their THC oil on their official website. The price for a 1 gram pod cost $60 dollars on average before the cannabis tax in California. The Plug and Play vape pen battery itself cost $20.

  • Official website:
  • Weedmaps current overall ratings: 4.8/5 from 219 reviews.
  • Instagram page and followers: They previous had one. It’s now removed. We believe it was shut down by Instagram.

What’s your favorite THC oil cartridge in 2018?

We are frequently trying out new vape cartridges and will continue to update our list. Please give us your THC oil vape cartridge recommendations in the comments below. We are in California and always trying out new hash oil cartridges claiming to be the strongest. Let us know in the comments which you believe is the best cannabis oil prefilled cartridge in 2018. What prefilled cartridge are you currently vaping?

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