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Savannah, Georgia — At this web-site was situated the very first public agricultural experimental garden in America. From this garden was disseminated the upland cotton which later comprised the higher aspect of the world’s cotton commerce. Right here had been propagated and from this garden distributed, the peach trees which gave Georgia and South Carolina a further key industrial crop.

The garden consisted of ten acres. It was established by Oglethrope inside one particular month soon after the settlement of Georgia. Botanists had been sent by the Trustees of the Colony from England to the West Indies and South America to procure plants for the garden. Vine cuttings, flax, hemp, potashes, indigo, cochineal, olives, and medicinal herbs had been grown. The greatest hope was centered in the mulberry trees, crucial to silk culture. In the early days of the Colony, Queen Caroline was clothed in Georgia silk, and the town’s biggest structure was the filature.

The silk and wine industries failed to materialize. The distant sponsors had been unable to judge of the immense value of the experiments carried out in other solutions. In 1755 the web-site was created as a recreation section.
— Georgia Historical Commission, 1952

In 1793 English inventor Eli Whitney stayed at Mulberry Grove Plantation — just 3 miles up the Savannah River — exactly where he perfected the cotton gin, a device that substantially simplified seed removal from cotton, a thing that prior to then took a lot time and labor. Inside two decades, cotton replaced rice as the paramount trade commodity in Georiga. In 1790, cotton exports for Georgia had been barely 1,000 bales. By 1821, exports practically reached 90,000 bales for the whole state, with Savannah serving as the major port of exit.

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