The Limits of Legal Marijuana in Massachusetts| How a lot you can have and how you can use it


In July 2017, the law legalizing recreational marijuana in the state of Massachusetts was signed. Just more than a year later, the 1st recreational marijuana shops opened for company. Currently, you can buy recreational marijuana in more than a dozen shops all through the state. In spite of the steady progress and altering attitudes, most residents are nevertheless wildly uninformed about the limits of legal marijuana – each recreational and healthcare. In this post, we’ll share some significant information about the state’s marijuana laws, debunk some of the most common rumors we’ve heard and give some assistance to make confident you do not run into any problems with the law.

How old do you have to be to buy marijuana in Massachusetts?

If you have a qualifying situation, you can apply for a Massachusetts healthcare marijuana card when you are 18 years old and start buying healthcare marijuana as quickly as you get it. For recreational purposes, you need to be at least 21 years of age.

How a lot marijuana can you carry on your individual?

Recreational customers can buy and possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana or 5 grams of concentrate at a time. Healthcare marijuana individuals can buy and possess up to a 60-day provide as prescribed by their medical professional to a maximum of ten ounces. If you are transporting marijuana in your auto, treat it like alcohol and in no way have an open container on your individual. Be confident to keep your marijuana in a sealed container inside your trunk or a locked glove compartment.

Crucial details about possessing marijuana in Massachusetts:

Healthcare and recreational marijuana are legal in Massachusetts but according to the federal government, they’re nevertheless Schedule 1 controlled substances. So whilst it is completely legal for you to carry recreational or healthcare marijuana on the subway or on the street, these identical state laws do not apply on federal lands. If you strategy on going to a state park or national forest, do not bring your cannabis with you.

Understanding the “rolling limit” on healthcare marijuana purchases:

In Massachusetts, healthcare marijuana individuals have access to 10 ounces on a “rolling 60 day” schedule.  If you have the money to buy all 10 ounces at as soon as (for now, all recreational and healthcare marijuana purchases need to be created with money or debit card, CLICK Right here to discover why this is so and how that may possibly modify) you will have to wait 60 days to make yet another buy.

For individuals who will need to spread their purchases out more than time, every buy comes with its personal 60-day waiting period.  You can nevertheless make further purchases till you attain your ten ounce maximum (aka your “grammage”) but each healthcare marijuana buy has its personal 60-day waiting period. This is correct for all medicated solutions, be they edibles, concentrates or regular flower. All of these solutions count against your accessible balance when you make a buy.

Speaking of concentrates, 1 gram of concentrate is thought of five.three grams of flower in the 60-day allotment. So whilst concentrates are considerably far more potent than all other types of healthcare marijuana, managing your provide is important to guarantee your therapy strategy is as productive as doable.

Understanding dispensary imposed limits:

Buy limits are most regularly linked with recreational shops that have higher demand for their restricted provide but in the interest of fairness, healthcare marijuana dispensaries will also impose limits from time to time. The most popular situation for a buy limit at a healthcare marijuana dispensary is when a uncommon strain is re-stocked or a new strain becomes accessible.

How a lot marijuana can you hold in your residence?

Recreational customers can possess up to ten ounces of marijuana in their residences supplied it is locked up. Healthcare marijuana individuals can possess the aforementioned 60-day provide. If you develop your personal marijuana, every adult in your household can possess six marijuana plants with a maximum of twelve plants per household.

Crucial details about developing marijuana plants in Massachusetts:

  • All marijuana plants need to be grown inside your major residence – you can not retailer them in a shed or outbuilding.
  • With the exception of the 1 ounce that you can legally give away, you need to hold all of the marijuana you harvest from your plants.
  • It is illegal to sell any marijuana that you develop in your residence
Can my landlord quit me from making use of marijuana?

If your lease agreement expressly states that no marijuana smoking is permitted, you need to abide by these guidelines or face the identical consequences of any other violation. In the case of healthcare marijuana, there’s a bit of a gray location that you may possibly want to seek advice from a lawyer about. Just about every lease is various but the crucial message right here is to assume nothing at all.  Speak to your landlord and when in doubt, place it out.

Can you use marijuana in public?

For now, each recreational and healthcare marijuana can only be made use of in private residences. Just due to the fact you see a person smoking or vaping marijuana in public, does not imply it is legal to do so. Vaping has genuinely “clouded” this situation (pun intended). There are hundreds of various varieties of e-cigarettes out there. A lot of of our individuals assume that due to the fact they see so a lot of people today vaping in public that they can do the identical with their healthcare marijuana. It is not correct, so do not even attempt it.

Is it correct that edibles at recreational marijuana shops are not as robust as edibles at healthcare marijuana dispensaries?

It confident is. According to existing Massachusetts state law, recreational edibles can only have up to 5 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, per single serving. If numerous servings are sold with each other, the total package can not have far more than 20 single servings, or 100 milligrams of THC. Healthcare marijuana dispensaries like Revolutionary Clinics are not topic to these identical restrictions which is why we can give individuals solutions like Watermelon Fruit Chews that include 105mg of THC…PER CHEW.

Limits on the potency of recreational edibles is 1 of the most significant motives why a Massachusetts healthcare marijuana card is nevertheless a good issue to have.

When it comes to recreational and healthcare marijuana in Massachusetts, it is significant to bear in mind that “legal” does not imply “unlimited”. At Revolutionary Clinics, we’re right here to assist you navigate all the various laws, consumption strategies and strain varieties so you can overcome the physical or emotional discomfort that is stopping you from living your ideal life.  If you have any queries about the limits of legal marijuana or you are prepared to practical experience the therapeutic added benefits for oneself, give us a get in touch with at 617-213-6006.


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