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Oaksterdam University boosts “Quality Coaching for the Cannabis Industry”
America’s very first cannabis college was founded in 2007 to deliver students with the highest good quality instruction for the cannabis market. Our faculty is comprised of the most recognized names in the California cannabis legalization movement. Considering the fact that opening its doors in November of 2007, thousands of students have taken classes with the hope of getting into the budding cannabis job field.

Oaksterdam UniversityOaksterdam University was founded in November 2007. Richard Lee, the founder of Oaksterdam University, placed a provocative advertisement in the East Bay Express proclaiming “Cannabis Market Now Hiring”. Lee had wanted to open a trade college for the cannabis market ever due to the fact going to the cannabis college in Amsterdam. Rather than emulate the college in Amsterdam exactly where curriculum primarily surrounds horticulture, Lee decided to expand upon the thought and generate a curriculum that focuses on the whole cannabis trade. Wanting to additional legitimize the cannabis market, Lee’s college promptly gained the focus of neighborhood, national, and even international media.


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